Client: Rainpower / Nordkraft
Project: Ullsfjord Power Plant (Sveingård & Ritaelva)
Place: Sjursnes, Norway
Year: 2021
Delivery: Electro installation HV/LV
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Ullsfjord Power Plant (Sveingård & Ritaelva)

Project Description

The Ullsfjord project consists of two power plants: Sveingård and Ritaelva which are located in Sjursnes in Troms, an hour’s drive from Tromsø.

Ritaelva plant will annually produce 22.6 GWh, and Sveingård 26.4 GWh of renewable energy with year-round operation.

NLI Scope

Electro installation HV/LV.
Power cables for intake, control system, fiber connections as well as standard electro installation for buildings.


Olav Bolseth