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This year’s Christmas gift from NLI goes to the Hospital Clowns

In agreement with union representatives, NLI has chosen to support the Hospital Clowns instead of Christmas gifts for the employees this year. The Hospital Clowns are a voluntary organisation, dependent on donor willingness from individuals, organizations, and companies.

Many children and young people have to deal with a hospital world. The Hospital Clowns cannot change the situation, but they can be used as magical medicine and perhaps the pain can be enchanted for a little while. The effect of laughter, play and wonder can mobilize untold forces in small and large bodies.

All Hospital Clowns are professional performing artists who specialize in meeting children and young people to create good experiences. Several studies support laughter and joy as a healing power. Laughter suppresses pain, helps to strengthen the immune system and suppresses the development of stress hormones.

Would you like to give children in hospital a respite and joy in a difficult hospital day?