Client: Arendal Havnevesen KF
Project: Renovation of tanks, Sandvikodden
Place: Arendal, Norway
Year: 2021-2023
Delivery: Surface treatment
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Renovation of tanks at Sandvikodden

Project Description

Arendal Havnevesen KF is upgrading and maintaining the Sandvikodden tank facility.
There are 6 tanks to be maintained, which must be planned renovated in turn according to the operation of the plant. The tanks have a fiberglass lining, which must be removed. When this is removed the steel tank must be inspected, sandblasted and re-painted according to procedure and painting system. The tanks must be approved for fuel and biodiesel / HVO.

NLI Scope

Surface treatment of 6 off tanks.
The size of the tanks is approx. 16 meters in diameter and 22 meters high.


Ken Filling