Client: Yara
Project: Renovating Drying Towers, Part II
Place: Herøya, Norway
Year: 2014
Delivery: Prefabrication, dismantling, mounting, welding, repair works, surface treatment, assembly
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Renovating Drying Towers, Part II

Project Description

In Yara’s ammonia factory on Herøya (NII) there are four drying towers which has been in operation since 1968. In 2013 towers C and D were completely renovated, and in 2014 towers A and B will be renovated.

NLI Scope

Prefabrication of valve plates, Removal of internal valve plates, Mounting the interior elevator tower, Internal welding work / repair work, Interior surface, as well as exterior painting work, Assembly of valve plates.


Thorbjørn Gundersen