Client: Rainpower / Rauma Energi Kraft
Project: New Verma Power Plant
Place: Åndalsnes, Norway
Year: 2018
Delivery: Electro installation, cable pull and connections
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New Verma Power Plant

Project Description

New Verma power plant was commissioned in May 2019, and takes advantage of the fall in Vermåa. A 6-jet vertical Pelton turbine with a speed of 600 rpm is installed in the power station, a nominal power of 23 MW at a nominal fall height of 420.5 meters. From the power station there is a drainage tunnel of 15 m2 and a length of 453 meters to Rauma river.

NLI Scope

NLI Elektrosystemer has installed all electrical, cable pull and connections.


Olav Bolseth