Client: Greve Biogass AS
Project: Heating System, Mechanical Works
Place: Tønsberg, Norway
Year: 2023
Delivery: Mechanical Works
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Mechanical Works at Den Magiske Fabrikken

Project Description

Den Magiske Fabrikken, located at Taranrød in Tønsberg, recycles food waste and animal manure into climate-friendly biofertilizer, biogas and green CO2.
In connection with expansion of the factory, the Heating System is the last major project in the ENOVA-supported production line 3 project, and will give the facility the thermal capability to block production.

NLI Scope

• Production and assembly of structural steel for new mezzanine and supporting structures, including necessary workshop drawings.
• Design/project planning, production and assembly of steel for pipe supports/supports with associated fixing to existing structures.
• Production and assembly of pipes, as well as insulation in some places.
• Purchase and assembly of pipe components and associated equipment.
• Installation of heat exchangers and pumps.


Theo Lakerveld