Client: Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies GmbH / Silva Green Fuel AS
Project: Biofuel Demo Plant Tofte
Place: Tofte, Norway
Year: 2021
Delivery: Mechanical installation HTHP section
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Mechanical Installation HTHP Section at Silva Green Fuel’s Biofuel Demo Plant Tofte

Project Description

Silva Green Fuel is a collaboration between Statkraft and Sødra, established in 2015 to demonstrate technology and to produce advanced biofuels that will replace fossil fuels.

At Statkraft Tofte site, a demonstration plant is being built for production of advanced second-generation biofuels based on forest raw materials. Planned test period start-up is Q1-2022.
View video: Demo Plant Tofte

NLI Scope

NLI Engineering in collaboration with NLI Grenland has executed the mechanical installation of the High Temperature and High Pressure (HTHP) section.

NLI’s delivery comprises:

•   Material Quality 1.4903 (P91)
•   Shop engineering
•   Work packages
•   Welding activities – prefab and field
•   PWHT (post-weld-heat-treatment)
•   Installation work
…….•   Pipework and supports
…….•   G-lok connections
…….•   Valves and inline equipment
•   Machining for inline seated sensors
•  Testing:
…….•   NDT
…….•   Hardness
•   Only two welding repairs in total (0,2%)

Mechanical installation:
•   Reactor structure
•   Reactors
•   Reactor heads/bottoms (Hytorc)
•   Heat exchangers
•  PLDU (Pressure Let Down Unit)
•   Electrical heater
•   Water vessel
•   Access platforms and stairs
•   Valves (flanged)
•   Instruments (flanged/threaded)

•   Insulation of pipelines and equipment


Yngve Nybakk