Client: HENT
Project: Holmestrand Station
Place: Holmestrand, Norway
Year: 2017
Delivery: E&I installation
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Holmestrand Station

Project Description

The new Holmestrand Station is a railway station on the Vestfold Line, located inside the tunnel Holmestrandsporten in the town of Holmestrand, Norway.

The station hall has four tracks and two platforms. It is about 870 meters long, 30 meters wide and from the top of the rails to the interior ceiling the height is about 12 meters. The platforms are approximately 250 meters long.

There is an elevator from the top of Holmestrand Mountain, 70 meters down to the station hall.

NLI Scope

NLI Elektrosystemer has installed all electrical, control systems, lights and signaling in the new railway station. The technical solutions were special. In addition, NLI was responsible for the electrical work on Fjellheisen.


Olav Bolseth