Client: Statkraft Sverige AB
Project: Harrsele Power Plant
Place: Vännäs, Sweden
Year: 2020-2022
Delivery: Surface treatment
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Harrsele Power Plant

Project Description

Harrsele power plant in the Ume River is located about 20 km north of Vännäs and about 48 km from Umeå. The construction of Harrsele power plant was completed in 1957 with 3 Francis turbines with a head of 54.5 meters and a total expansion water flow of 430 m3/s. The power plant is an underground station with an intake hatch for each unit. From there, the vertical intake tubes go down to the turbines. Harrsele power plant is owned by Statkraft and Holmen, and is part of Statkraft’s power plant group for the Ume/Skellefteälven.

NLI Scope

Corrosion protection treatment of inlet pipe and turbine coil in three stages for three units.


Ken Filling