Client: Rainpower / Norsk Omipower
Project: Grøndalselva Power Plant
Place: Harran, Norway
Year: 2022
Delivery: Electro engineering and installation HV/LV
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Grøndalselva Power Plant

Project Description

Grøndalselva forms parts of the municipal boundary between Grong and Namsskogan municipalities in Trøndelag, approx. 40 km north of Grong.
The new power plant will utilize the fall from 207 masl to 115.5 masl. The powerplant will be equipped with two ET Francis turbines, with an installed capacity of 9.0 MW, which will give an annual production of about 32.1 GWh in an average year.

NLI Scope

Electro engineering and installation HV/LV.
Power cables for intake, control system, fiber connections as well as standard electro installation for buildings.


Olav Bolseth