Client: Dresser-Rand
Project: Generator set
Place: Modec ENI, Mexico
Year: 2019
Delivery: Fabrication, assembly, mc and test assistance
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Generator set, Modec ENI Mexico

Project Description

Delivery of three 34-megawattSGT-A35 gas turbine generation packages for MODEC`s FPSO vessel.

NLI Scope

Fabrication of pipes pools, frames, supports, skids.
Assembly of modules, generator lube oil system, liquid/gas fuel system, water wash system, hydraulic start system. Main assembly of generator packages.

Baseplate handling, torque tube mounting. Skid alignment, PT/GG/Exhaust collector/generator alignment.

Tubing for drain, waterwash, lube oil, JIB crane, fuel system, aux air system, F&G, instrumentation.

Mechanical assembly of air intake system, exhaust system, lube oil system, JIB crane, Bleed system, aux air system, mineral lube oil piping, enclosure, floor plates, Generator, high speed coupling.

Assistance for stringtest.
Teardown after test, preservation and packaging for shipment.


Thorbjørn Gundersen