Client: Rainpower / Vattenfall
Project: Gallejaur Power Plant
Place: Norsjö, Sweden
Year: 2020
Delivery: Surface treatment
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Gallejaur Power Plant

Project Description

Gallejaur Power Station stands on the Skellefteå River roughly 100 km from the river outlet. It was built in two stages: Unit 1 was commissioned in 1964 and Unit 2 in 1988, each unit incorporates a Francis turbine. This station utilises the head (drop) available along the stretch of river between the Dyngseleforsen rapids and the Treholmsforsen rapids. A distinctive feature of the power station is that it stands on an artificial lake called Gallejaur which is connected to the Sanfjord dam by a canal that is 6 km long and is actually a stream ‘turned backwards’. This creates an impressive head of 80 m with a relatively short tunnel. Gallejaur is the largest of Vattenfall’s hydro power stations on the Skellefteå River, with an annual production of 630 GWh.

NLI Scope

Sandblasting and painting of turbine and suction pipes, including scaffolding.


Ken Filling