Client: Norsk Spesialolje
Project: Expansion of Tank Farm 3&4
Place: Bamble, Norway
Year: 2019
Delivery: Detail engineering of Process, Mechanical, Piping, Structural and E&I, prefabrication and installation of steel structures and piping, E&I installation, MC/Commissioning
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Expansion of Tank Farm 3&4, Bamble

Project Description

In order to meet the markets need for treating waste oil, NSO treatment plant will expand it’s existing tank farm 1 & 2. The new tank farm 3 & 4 will be located south of the existing facilities and increase the waste oil capacity with approximately 12 600 m³.

NLI Scope

NLI Engineering AS has developed P&Id’s, a total 3D model of the plant and EPC of all piping structural and E&I needed for the tank farms.

The 3D model consists of civil (concrete scope delivered by Skanska), 4 existing tanks and 2 new pumps (delivered by NSO), 3 new tanks (delivered by SRC Nordic), valves (delivered by JS Cook) as well as our own EPC scope. Layout has been part of our scope and the 3D model has been produced by use of Aveva PDMS. For review purpose we have produced Navis Models on a regular basis throughout the project duration.

When developing P&ID’s for the plant, NLI has contributed actively in finding flexible routing of flows and thereby added value for the client. P&ID’s was made by use of MicroStation. Dimensioning of pipe sizes, flowrates, selection of valves and pumps has been client’s responsibility. NLI has performed the total E&I development for the plant.

Structural delivery includes a pipe bridge connecting tank farm 2 and 3, stairway/platform between tank farm 3 & 4, stairway for escape rout in tank farm 4, 6 stairs/bridges to connect top of the 7 tanks, all necessary pipe support structures and additional minor modifications on existing tanks.

The piping scope consists of two 6” headers with tie-in from tank farm 2 and connection to all tanks, in addition to a pump room with filling station, as well as all necessary pipe support.

NLI Engineering AS has installed mechanical equipment delivered by the client, such as pumps and valves, and contributed in determining location (rotation) of existing tanks. NLI has installed new nozzles for piping on all existing tanks as well as various structural adaptions to tank tops.

Pipe material is SS316L and painted Gr 235 for structural.
NLI has installed control system, 2 outdoor touchscreens, level transmitters, overflow protection, 1 correolis flowmeter, temperature gouges, 2 frequency converters, hook-up of all actuated valves, heat tracing of valves and a complete package of lighting including 3D light simulation.

The following subcontractors has been involved in the scope: NLI Elektrosystemer AS, Litana (prefab of piping and structural) and NLI Grenland (installation and commissioning).

Duration: March 2018 – June 2019


Anders Langerød