Client: Guard Systems
Project: VESAR Biogas Plant "Den magiske fabrikken"
Place: Tønsberg, Norway
Year: 2016
Delivery: E&I installation
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“Den magiske fabrikken” Greve Biogas Plant, VESAR part A&B

Project Description

Grenland and Vestfold Biogass AS (Greve Biogass) is a municipal owned company, which is owned by Vesar AS. The biogas project was initiated in 2008 by committed and environmentally conscious mayors with the intention of achieving ambitious climate goals.

Today the renovation cars in the Vesar area run on the food waste from the inhabitants, and large parts of the bus fleet in Vestfold will also switch to biogas as fuel. Agriculture in Vestfold receives the bio-fertilizers that are produced. Bio fertilizer replaces the use of artificial fertilizers.

By using livestock manure and food waste in the Magical Factory, we contribute to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture, and that in addition to climate-friendly biogas, valuable bio fertilizer is produced for the production of new food. Cooperation with agriculture is unique and has given the plant status and support as a national biogas pilot.

NLI Scope

E&I Installastion


Olav Bolseth