Client: Rainpower / Østfold Energi AS
Project: Brekke Power Plant
Place: Halden, Norway
Year: 2021-2022
Delivery: Surface treatment
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Brekke Power Plant

Project Description

Brekke power plant utilizes the fall between Aspern and Femsjøen in Haldenvassdraget. The visible part of the dam at the power station is 26.6 meters high and thus Europe’s second highest gravity dam. The power station was commissioned in 1924. It was fully automated in 1998. Total average annual production is 30 GWh and installed capacity is 9 MW. The plant has two Francis turbines. Nominal water flow is 2 x 18.5 m3/sec. The plant is owned by Østfold Energi AS and is currently operated by Halden Kraftproduksjon AS, a subsidiary of Akershus Energi.

NLI Scope

Corrosion protection treatment of turbines and suction pipes in two phases, including scaffolding.


Ken Filling