Client: Betonmast Anlegg
Project: Akrobaten Bridge, Stasjonsinngang Øst
Place: Oslo, Norway
Year: 2011
Delivery: Installation method and works
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Akrobaten Pedestrian Bridge, Stasjonsinngang Øst

Project Description

Akrobaten (‘the acrobat’) is a 206-meter long pedestrian bridge that stretches across the railway tracks of Oslo central station, connecting the two areas Grønland and Bjørvika.

The construction is made of steel and glass, with a cutting-edge architecture that has made it a popular spot for photo and film shoots. The bridge offers great views of Oslo’s new row of high rises and Barcode. Its colourful lighting makes for an exciting crossing after dark.

Akrobaten was awarded 1st price (Certificate of Excellence) in ECCS, European Award for Steel Bridges, in 2012.

NLI Scope

NLI was responsible for installation method and works.
Launching of the structure was challenging, since this had to be executed at night with closed tracks.

Total weight of steel structure is approximately 500 tonnes.


Tommy Hansen