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30.10.2023: NLI Grenland awarded contract with Skagerak Kraft

NLI Grenland has recently signed a contract with Skagerak Kraft for the rebuilding of the cooling water system at Bagn power plant.

The contract includes purchase of components, pre-fabrication and assembly on site. Pre-fabrication starts Jan./Feb. 2024, and assembly work will be performed in the spring.
Project Manager is Leif Hunskaar.

– We are very pleased to have won this competition and look forward to good cooperation with Skagerak Kraft in this project, says Managing Director Tor Ivar Jensaas. The project fits well into NLI’s core business, while at the same time it is important in terms of developing and retaining our expertise within the renewable segment.

Bagn power plant is located in the village Bagn in Valdres and is one of Skagerak Energi’s larger power plants. The river power plant utilizes a fall of approx. 89 meters between Aurdalsfjorden and Bagn. The water is led through a 3.5 km long tunnel from the intake at the dam at the southern end of the fjord. The power plant was completed in 1963 and has been a stable and reliable facility since then. The power plant was significantly upgraded in 2011-2012, with partly new turbines and generators and other equipment.

Contact: Leif Hunskaar, Project Manager NLI Grenland AS