Client: Linde Engineering GmbH, Germany
Project: 24 MV Electrolysis plant - Green Ammonia
Place: Porsgrunn, Norway
Year: Ongoing
Delivery: E&I works
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24 MV Electrolysis Plant – Green Ammonia

Project Description

Yara is expanding their business into the green transition and is building a new green hydrogen plant at their ammonia production facility at Herøya. The project, which is supported by Enova, will demonstrate that ammonia produced using renewable energy can reduce the impact of carbon dioxide in fertilizer production. The project will be realized by water electrolysis which will produce green hydrogen to partially replace the hydrocarbon-based hydrogen production in Yara’s plant, using proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology. The new 24 MW PEM electrolysis plant is designed and constructed by Linde Engineering GmbH.
Linde Engineering Gmbh, a global leading engineering company, has awarded NLI Elektrosystemer the E&I contract for the construction works for the new ammonia plant.

NLI Scope

All electro and instrument works. The works are scheduled from February 2023 till September 2023. At peak there will be 40-50 people working from NLI at this contact.
NLIs core team in this project are Mr. Anders Langerød and Mr. André Schäfer.


Olav Bolseth