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24.11.2020: Biofuel Demo Plant Tofte

A Consortium of ABB and NLI Elektrosystemer is awarded the EIA contract for Biofuel Demo Plant, Tofte. Client is Silva Green Fuel, owned by Statkraft and Sødra Cell.

Silva Green Fuel is currently constructing a demo plant in order to test a new technology at the Statkraft Tofte site, and the EIA contract for this project is awarded the consortium ABB and NLI Elektrosystemer.

The purpose of the demonstration plant is to test technology for continuous production of advanced biofuel that may directly replace current fossil fuels, as well as testing various types of raw materials. Silva Green Fuel AS is a collaboration between Statkraft and Sødra, formed in 2015 to develop and produce advanced biofuel to replace fossil fuels – as a part of the green transition.

– This is a very exciting project for NLI that fits in well with our core business, and we are very pleased to have won the competition in consortium with ABB, where ABB delivers the control systems while NLI takes care of all installation of electrical and instrument, including MC/Commissioning. We thank Silva Green Fuel for the trust, and look forward to a good cooperation, says Olav Bolseth, Managing Director in NLI Elektrosystemer.

The work has started, and are scheduled to be completed during 2021.

Espen Bratlid Sørensen is NLI’s Project Manager

Contact: Olav Bolseth, Managing Director NLI Elektrosystemer AS