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16.03.2021: HSSE award to NLI employee

NLI’s Urban Sköld has achieved the award for project’s best HSSE player by Silva Green Fuel in connection with the construction of their demonstration plant for testing new biofuel technology.

According to Silva Green Fuel, Urban has shown a commitment beyond compare and with his knowledge he has contributed to follow-up HSSE matters in a very positive way.

We are proud to congratulate Urban with the generous award for his HSSE commitment, says Olav Bolseth, Managing Director in NLI Elektrosystemer.

NLI Elektrosystemer and ABB in consortium hold the EIA contract, where ABB delivers the control systems while NLI takes care of all installation of electrical and instrument, including MC/Commissioning. Read more about the project

Contact: Olav Bolseth, Managing Director NLI Elektrosystemer AS