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15.01.2020: NLI Overflate AS, a new company within NLI group

In order to target our industrial surface treatment services, NLI has registered the company NLI Overflate as (former department in NLI Grenland as). The company is located in a 4000 m2 workshop in Larvik.

NLI Overflate is a high qualified supplier with FROSIO-certified operators, covering all types of specifications, procedures and systems within traditional industrial surface treatment both in-house and on customer’s site, such as:

• Sand- and glass blasting
• Painting (all systems)
• Thermal spraying with zinc and aluminium
• Mobilisation for industrial, infrastructure and hydropower projects

We believe these organisational changes will strengthen our focus on the services we provide, and at the same time take the step into new parts of the industrial surface treatment market.

Contact: Ken Filling, Managing Director NLI Overflate AS