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10.05.2024: Path-Breaking Biocarbon Production

NLI Elektrosystemer AS continues the work within green projects and sustainable conversion. This is contribution to Smart Industry!

This time with a pilot project for the company VOW Green Metals AS that produces biocarbon by using
wood from demolition and wood waste. The method will contribute to that metallurgical industry can reduce emissions by replacing fossil coal with coal produced from biomass.

The method used is so-called pyrolysis technique. Biocarbon can also have other areas of use, as soil improvement product and also in the biogas and -VA waste industry.

Residual heat from production goes to district heating, and the by-product, gas, can be used for renewable heat and electricity. For NLI Elektrosystemer AS this has been a very exciting electrical and instrument job.

Site Manager Olav Lervik Hunter in NLI Elektrosystemer AS, says that thousands of working hours is used for connection and compilation, and all principles of industrial fabrication is electrotechnical
satisfactory. A high standard is selected for material and equipment, and what originally was referred to as a small “Pilot plant”, has become a complete small factory, which actually can produce enough biochar for resale.

– Our greatest strengths lie in such projects as this,
says Tender Manager Henrik Ovastrøm in NLI Elektrosystemer.

– HSE, competence and coordination has been important factors. The collaboration with Cowi
AS and Scanship AS, (part of VOW ASA) has been exemplary, says Ovastrøm.

Project Manager Henning Mohn in Scanship AS, can tell that NLI Elektrosystemer has contributed
well in the project. They have had all responsibility with the construction of the electrotechnical, but has
also been the main company in large parts of the project. NLI works methodical and structured, as well
delivers as expected.

Contact: Olav Bolseth, Managing Director NLI Elektrosystemer AS