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06.09.2021: NLI Engineering awarded prestigious contract for the carbon capture plant at Norcem in Brevik

NLI Engineering has signed a contract with Aker Carbon Capture AS (ACC) for mechanical fabrication and installation for the Norcem Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project. The contract of several hundred million NOK is the largest to date in NLI’s 75-year history.

The work comprises prefabrication and installation of 1000 tonnes of pipework and steel structures as well as installation of mechanical equipment and large equipment packages and testing of the plant.

The construction of the full-scale CCS plant will be completed in 2024. The project in Brevik target an annual CO2 capture capacity of 400,000 tons. Most of the energy to capture CO2 is provided by waste heat recovery from existing cement production process. The CO2 capture facility will be integrated into the existing plant. In collaboration with Aker Carbon Capture, Norcem has tested the capture and purification of CO2 at the factory in Brevik. The tests and experiences have been successful where Aker Carbon Capture’s amine technology has been the basis for the project.

NLI Engineering has entered into a collaboration agreement with Trosvik Industri for the implementation of the project. NLI Grenland will have a central role in the execution of the project. Both NLI Grenland and Trosvik with their workshop facilities are strategically located ‘round the corner’ from Norcem.

Such large project will have an impact in the Grenland region generating jobs and growth for the Grenland industry.

We are proud and humble to be awarded this prestigious “green” installation contract for the carbon capture plant at Norcem. We are grateful for the trust shown by Aker Carbon Capture and look forward to get on with the work. The project fits well into NLI’s strategi and present activities. For NLI as a group, this contract is important when it comes to developing and building further competence within the industrial segment. Together with Trosvik Industri, we have a team of skilled employees who will carry out the work. We look forward to a good collaboration with Aker Carbon Capture, says Managing Director of NLI Engineering, Even Hatlo Andersen.

For more information, contact the chairman of the board, Morten Hassum (morten.hassum@nli.no)