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06.03.2023: Borealis rewards NLI employee as Safety Champion of February

Last month Borealis recognized an excellent safety performance by Ove Berg from NLI Elektrosystemer, thus the SFRP project rewarded him as Safety Champion of February 2023.

Borealis are strengthening the HSE culture by noting those who are doing a great job. Their priority is to improve and build an endless safety culture. They recognize the Safety Champion reward as a great motivation tool and encourage all project team members to continue promoting workplace Health and Safety.

– NLI works systematically to build a strong HSE culture, and we are proud to congratulate Ove with the generous award for his HSE commitment, says Olav Bolseth, Managing Director in NLI Elektrosystemer.

NLI Elektrosystemer holds the contract for E&I installation in connection with the ongoing upgrade of the process plant in Stenungsund, Sweden. Read more about the project

Contact: Olav Bolseth, Managing Director NLI Elektrosystemer AS